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Slemme gutter

Exhibition on the establishment of correctional institutions in Norway, with a focus on Ulfsnesøyen and Falstad reformatories.


The correctional institutions had their background in the child rescue movement. During the course of a few decades from the 1820s onwards, a number of movements were established for the purpose of dealing with the growing problem of neglected children in cities. The first movement was De Nødlidendes Venner (Friends of the Suffering) in Trondheim, which was established in 1827. Bergen followed suit a few years later (in 1842) with Selskapet til Moralsk fordærvede unge Menneskers Redning (Society for the rescue of morally depraved young people). As a rule members of such societies came from the ranks of the upper middle class and senior officials.


The exhibition is a cooperation between Bergen City Museum and Falstadsenteret.

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Slemme gutter

23rd February 06 - medio 07

The school museum