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Rosenkrantz Tower

Renaissance monument and royal residence

Close to Håkon’s Hall you will find the Rosenkrantz Tower, which is considered one of the most important renaissance monuments in Norway. Parts of the tower are from the 1270s, but it has been extended on several occasions for the purpose of fortification and as a demonstration of power to the independent-minded Hanseatic traders. If you climb up the narrow and dark flights of steps you can climb right up on to the roof, which still provides impressive views.

The tower was the residence of King Eirik Magnusson, who was the last king to hold court in Bergen, until he died in 1299. Subsequently the tower housed less fortunate residents – the cellar contains the notorious dungeon, which was probably in use from the end of the 15th century until well into the 19th century.

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	Photo: Regin Hjertholm

Photo: Regin Hjertholm


Telephone:47 97 95 78
Address:Bergenhus Festning
Postboks 4052
5835 Bergen

Opening hours

Guided tours of the Rosenkrantz Tower and Håkon’s Hall every hour. The guided tours commence in the Håkon's Hall.

Håkon's Hall is closed on special occations. When the Håkon's Hall is closed the Rosenkrantz Tower will be open instead.

The Rosentkrantz Tower is closed: 21. December 2015 - 1. January 2016, 20. - 28 March, 1. & 17. May. 

Entrance fee 2016:

Adults: NOK 80

Students: NOK 40

Children free admittance

Guided tour NOK 20

Half price when visiting other Bergen City Museum arenas. Separate prices at events.


Museum Café: Open 01.06-15.09 from 10:00 - 16:00. Coffe/Tea on the entrance ticket of the museum.

Phonenumber to the Cafè: 47 97 95 79.


Information on accessibility in the Rosenkrantz Tower (in Norwegian).

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