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Symposium 2007

The 12th International Symposium for Museums of School Life and School History Collections will take place in Bergen 27 - 30 June 2007.

Call for Papers

School history/school museums and identity

The overall topic of the symposium in 2007 is defined by the notion of identity. Truly, identity/identities can have several different meanings at different levels and in different contexts. One can typically speak of identity and identity building at national, regional or local level – but also at a personal level, with focus on individual histories and the creation of identities.

Whatever understanding of the concept one chooses, identity is an important issue for everybody working within the field of school history. We wish to treat identity both on the level of schooling and education – historically and contemporary – and on a more specifically school museological level.

We expect that throughout the school museum family, the question of identity will point in many different directions: For some, it will point to some nation-building period of the past, for others the nation building will be an urgent contemporary issue. The question can also point to the challenge of handling the multiculturalism of many of today's societies, and we expect some school museums will find themselves in the middle of just this situation. What about the teachers' self-consciousness or the forming of gender roles? At the symposium, we want to keep an open understanding of the notion of identity, and we hope for a corresponding diversity of approaches.

There is one basic presumption underlying our approach: The fact that identity is at the core of museums in general; that all museums somehow are about identity. We have great expectations that some of you will take the challenge and try to answer the difficult question: Just what kind of identity/identities is my museum about?


Oslo School Museum will be open for visitors Sunday July 1st. For those of the participants travelling through Oslo, we will deeply recommend a visit to the museum.

The museum will be open from 12.00 till 15.00 and guided tours will be given.

See their web page for more information:




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Practical information:
Time: 27th-30th of June 2007
Place: Sydneshaugen School, University of Bergen
Fee: 120 €
Language: English
Register: By e-mail to
By phone to Eli Rødseth
on +47 55 58 80 10


Bank information for payment of fees:
Account name: Stiftelsen Bymuseet i Bergen
Account home address: Dreggsallmenning 3, P.O.Box 4052, 5835 Bergen
Bank branch name: DnB NOR Bank ASA
Bank address: 0021 Oslo
IBAN/SWIFT code: DNBANOKKXXX  NO 1550810565184

Deadline for papers: May 1st
Please send abstracts to
or by mail to
Maja Zahl
Bergen City Museum
PB 4052 Dreggen
N-5835 Bergen

We ask the participants to make their own accomodation arrangements.
We have made an agreement with two hotels in the city:

Montana Vandrerhjem:
single rooms NOK 440,-
double rooms NOK 590,-
three-/four-bed dorms NOK 220,- per person
Breakfast included
When booking please use the code "symposium"
Contact / booking information:
Phone: +47 55 20 80 70
For further information see

Bergen Travel Hotel:
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