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Håkon’s Hall

The King’s banqueting hall

Håkon’s Hall is 750 years old, and was built by King Håkon Håkonsson as a royal residence and banqueting hall. When his son Magnus Håkonsson Lagabøte married the Danish princess Ingeborg in 1261, 2000 guests were invited. “The King held court in the stone hall” say the sagas.

At that time Bergen was Norway’s largest and most important town, and Håkon’s Hall was the site of major national events, such as the drawing up of Norway’s first complete set of laws. Inside the thick stone walls there are still echoes of the medieval court’s solemn ceremonies and riotous feasts. As a national cultural monument, Håkon’s Hall is still used both for royal dinners and other official occasions. It is easy to see where His Majesty the King usually sits.

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	Photo: Regin Hjertholm

Photo: Regin Hjertholm


Telephone:47 97 95 77
Address:Bergenhus Festning
Postboks 4052
5835 Bergen

Opening hours

The King Håkon'sHall is closed:  Easter  20. - 28. March, 30. April 1., 13 & 17. May & during Bergen International Music Festival 24. May - 9. June.

The King Håkon's Hall is closed to the public on special occasions:  

On special occasions when the Haakon's Hall is closed, The Rosentkrantz Tower will be open.

Entrance fee 2016:

Adults NOK 80

Students NOK 40

Children free admittance

Guided tour NOK 20

Half price when visiting other Bergen City Museum arenas. Separate prices at events.

Guided tours of the Rosenkrantz Tower and Håkon’s Hall Saturdays and Sundays 12:30 and 13:30 autumn/winter. The guided tours will commence in the Håkon's Hall.



Museum Café: Open 01.06-15.09 from 10.00 - 16.00. Coffe/Tea on the entrance ticket of the museum.

Phonenumber Cafè: 47 97 95 79.


Information on accessibility in Håkon's Hall (in Norwegian).

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